5 Ways to Rock Your Lazypants!

Hey Lazy squad! We love seeing you share your lazy love with us on social media! It has inspired us to put together a list of different ways we see how everyone styles their favorite Lazypants! Whether you’re lounging around your house, on a weekend road trip or out for brunch, we hope that these styles keep you inspired to keep rocking your Lazypants any day and in so many ways!


1. Rock them with a crop-top!

Hello summertime, hello crop-tops! Don’t be afraid to show a little skin by pairing your Lazypants with one of your fav summer crop-tops or crop-hoodie. This chill, laid-back look is so perfect for when you’re hanging with your besties, going for ice-cream, or on a bike ride around the neighborhood. So many fun summer adventures call for this stylish look!




2. Make it a Lazypants set!

Cozy is an understatement when it comes to how snug these head to toe Lazypants outfits feel and look to the eye! Pair your Lazypants bottoms with a matching Lazypants crew or hoodie. Whether you’re rocking the Lucas Stripped Joggers, the Niki Originals, or the Riley Relaxed Joggers, you can mix and match them with our Denver Zip Hoodie or with our Casey Boyfriend Crew. These ultra-soft sweaters will undoubtedly complete the ultimate lazy look and feel!




3. Rock the high-waisted look!

Isn’t life too short to keep things simple? Why not make a little change in your outfit today! Trade in your high-waisted jeans for your Lazypants and rock them the same way! Keep the look simple with a shorter t-shirt and let your Lazypants be the main feature. You’ll feel comfy yet upbeat when you rock this look on the streets.



4. Keep it simple with your favorite T-shirt!

Nothing beats those lazy days spent in your favorite t-shirt and Lazypants. We love how homey and comfy one can look when they style their Lazypants with a simple classic tee or colorful one. It’s comfy, it’s cozy, it’s the perfect lazy look for any day of the week.



5. Keep it classic with a jean jacket!

We’re crushing on this classic look! Stay warm and stylish in your Lazypants and t-shirt, and simply throw over a casual denim jacket to complete your outfit. Whether you’re headed to your afternoon class or for a coffee date with the gals, this outfit of the day will have you looking cozy yet stylish any day! 



We hope these ideas inspire you to style your Lazypants in different ways. Don’t forget to share how you rock your Lazypants with us @shoplazypants !


Sending love & lazy vibes your way,


The Lazypants team


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