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Lazypants wings

 Founded in Toronto in 2012, Lazypants is a fashion forward brand of sweatpants made for your ‘leisure lifestyle’. Lazypants are to meant to bring comfort and style to any outfit, anytime. From a cozy night at home to a night out on the town... and anything in between.

Our humble Canadian beginnings earned us a fiercely loyal following that helped push our brand to great new heights. Lazypants was recently taken on Majestic Mills, a parent company with expertise in design, production and distribution of up and coming brands. Their knowledge and guidance has allowed us to increase the quality of the Lazypants product, while maintaining an approachable price point.

Lazypants are the ultimate in versatile leisurewear. We pride ourselves on accessible styles that can be worn by the whole family. From stylish teens to hip older siblings and cool, down to earth parents, we have a fit designed to appeal to you, no matter what your age or style.

Try them on, take them home and sport your own lazy look!