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Article: The Most Comfortable Cozy Sweatpants by Lazypants

The Most Comfortable Cozy Sweatpants by Lazypants

The Most Comfortable Cozy Sweatpants by Lazypants

Originally posted on Temps d'un Café with permission.

This Toronto based company makes the trendiest and comfiest sweatsuits ever

A few years ago, my favourite Montreal store was James Boutique in Westmount. This store made me discovered so many amazing clothing brands. To this day, James Boutique is on my top list for a good shopping spree in Montreal. I still remember exactly where the first Lazypants I ever saw was in the store. I was so impressed with the fabric and how COMFORTABLE they seemed that it was impossible not to fall in love.



Finding the right sweatpants is not an easy thing

Sure, most people will tell you how sweatpants are just basics and nothing fancy. But honestly, I think they’re so wrong. Shopping for the perfect sweatpants or even hoodies is so hard these days. I can never seem to find the right ones. The fit is usually wrong or the fabric is way too cheap for my own taste. Quite honestly, I’m the kind of person who will invest in sweatpants instead of real estate (i’m dead serious).


How to dress up your sweatpants from Lazypants

I hear way too often that wearing sweatpants in public is for people who gave up on life. Well, don’t worry, I’m here to prove them wrong. Sweatpants are actually just like anything else you own. As long as you know how to wear them, you can wear them in public. I love mixing my sweatpants and hoodies with a designer handbag. Designer pieces let you elevate your final look, which is the reason why I’ve always felt the need to have some in my wardrobe. It’s also a good way of telling people that you actually know what you’re doing with this outfit and everything is under control. Designers bags tend to have that wow effect (depending on the one you choose of course), but like my Chloé Tess bag, it was the perfect final touch. Knowing how to master the high-low mixing in your style is truly an art.

Like me, you can add a cute jacket over your outfit to balance the look and make it classier-ish. And of course, I couldn’t resist my new Reebok Aztrek that I recently bought. 

The best advice I could give you

Learn how to seek expensive-looking items. This is everything, this is the key to create successful, unique, gorgeous outfits.

Shop my outfit

The Cooper Hoodie in Classic Grey from. Lazypants buy here (get 20% off with my code TEMPSDUNCAFE20)

The Niki Original in Grey similar one here (get 20% off with my code TEMPSDUNCAFE20)

Gnana Studio Jacket

Reebok Aztrek Double Mix Sneakers buy here

Cashmere Cream Scrunchie Petite from Chelsea King buy here


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