Ohh it’s that time of year again. Mother’s day.  Hold on, when is it kids day!? When do the children get a day?! Why don’t we get all the thoughtful words of bringing meaning to life. Causing unnecessary stress when its not needed. Doing silly things and getting in trouble when life was going great for our parents. When do we get a thank you for teaching our parents about life. At this point I’d take a rinky dink macaroni necklace from my mom or dad!

JUST JOKING. Happy Mothers Day‼ From the second we’re born and for as long as we know you, you have our backs. You’re there to pick us up when we fall, gently let us know we’re an idiot when need be, and always sit in our corner of the ring. You let us be us. And for that we are truly appreciative. Without you we wouldn’t be able to handle the ups and down and rounds and rounds. Without you we wouldn’t breathe the air we breathe, laugh, cry, joke, and scream.

 And to my mother, “the real N.B.” thank you for making my dreams come true. I had a vision and you were by my side through the good and bad and made sure it came to life. So to you Mama B, I wish a special happy Mother’s Day. I couldn’t ask for anyone stronger, more loving or more caring. You really are the most beautiful soul. Thank you for being my rock. Thank you for being my mom.



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