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I know some of my fellow Canadians might not be thrilled to hear me say this, but, I'm not the biggest hockey fan in the world (I know, shocker, right? lol). The only team I actually root for are the Tampa Bay Lightening! Back when I was a kid, I always wondered who designed the team logos (coincidence? I THINK NOT!). That's when I became interested in the intricate details on goalies helmet's. Daren Puppa had a blue dragon on his. I loved it.


I got a chance to meet him at the hockey awards when he was nominated for the best goalie award. It was crazy meeting my childhood idol. After he retired I stayed a lightening fan to this day. 5 more wins to cup number 2. You can do it boys!

Fun fact: Daren and I are now pals and I honestly think about the helmet every time we talk. All it took was a facebook message to his fan page. Crazy eh?

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